Kreative Kids Music

The Music Class

Mr. Zach begin each music class with our “Hello” song and ends each music class with our “Goodbye” song. The “Hello” song gives us an opportunity to welcome everyone to the music class; it’s our meet and greet moment and a perfect segue into the songs that follow.  The goal is to offer songs that children and parents can easily learn so that they can feel successful.
Each week, Mr. Zach introduce a few new songs to our play list, building on the familiar songs of the class before.  His classes are organized by a carefully woven theme through a variety of fun songs.  Providing gross motor opportunities (marching, jumping, dancing) in addition to fine motor skill opportunities by playing the many rhythm instruments we have available to every age group.  With each age group, adding higher levels of music appreciation through the addition of different musical genres including classical music, jazz, blues, and rock.  Guided imagery is a favorite addition to the older toddler classes, preschool age classes, and PreK classes. Through Guided Imagery, Mr. Zach read stories to the children set to classical music, making the stories come alive.